Aliens HUB :
1250 Acres to Live + 4000 Acres to Explore

Smart cities is an idea which is ahead of its time, encompassing a new way of thinking about how cities are planned, designed, built, managed and sustained to achieve progressive social, economic and environmental sustainability.

More critical than ever before, with burgeoning populations, overloading city infrastructures, there is a need to balance social, economic and environmental resources. And for this balance to add up into new efficiencies in every facet of community life, enhancing the quality of life for its citizens while sustaining and continuing economic growth. In a smart township, these 'dualities' are managed and improved upon.

This community connect at the HUB transforms experiences as people live, work, learn and play by leveraging real-time information and applications, delivering services for the home, school, business environment, healthcare and more. Set against tranquil landscape, HUB incorporates innovation and intelligent living spaces to build a smart community built on these principles of sustainable development which is spread over 1250 acres

We invite you to come and partner with us on this journey to discover a new, intelligent way of living.